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Our Agency is unashamedly founded on the latest marketing thinking, allowing us to take complex messages and translate them into meaningful market positioning & compelling brand communications

A different kind of Marketing Agency

Our Marketing Agency is not your usual marketing agency. We are specialists. Our core is Life Sciences, to which we add B2B marketing excellence. The result? A marketing agency dedicating to businesses operating in technical, highly complex scientific sectors. Why? Because we’ve learned something fundamental over the past 10 years: Life science B2B companies require a different kind of marketing agency


Founded in London, UK, in 2007, Scienopsis lives and breathes life sciences technical marketing. Our mission is to provide solutions that drive profitable growth for companies that sell products or services to other businesses within the life sciences sector.

“Since our founding, our sole aim has been to focus on the unique needs of our clients. This is why we’re continually coming up with innovative solutions and programs that are geared at helping them build strong, long-lasting relationships with their end customers,  so that they can remain competitive even in uncertain times.”

Dr. Michael Taylor, Founder & Managing Consultant, Scienopsis


But while we are technical, our approach doesn’t involve jargon and dull techie speak. In stead, we approach B2B technical marketing as rapport between people, creating emotional and rational relationships that deliver value over the long term.  After all, people do business with people! This way, we  differentiate your brand in a marketplace that’s cluttered with hard-to-differentiate messages.


Scienopsis provides clients with a full suite of integrated digital and traditional marketing services: Strategy. Branding. Content. Messaging. Experiential. Trade Show. Social and PR. Sampling. Sales Support, Lead Generation and Thought Leadership.

We have in house resources to cover all elements of design and marketing communications to ensure our clients succeed in meeting their challenging business objectives. Our aim is to become a vital part of your team, and not simply a third-party agency. This way, our best work can come to fruition through long term collaborative relationships, where both you and us work together to realise an agreed strategic approach.


Our business model is highly flexible so as to meet the complex and diverse needs of today’s life science businesses. We can serve as your entire marketing function – reporting in at the C-level and driving all aspects of your lead generation and marketing – or we can simply supplement your in-house marketing team. Either way, we are completely transparent, fully accountable, and guided by both experience and data.

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