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Focused on providing dedicated, professional outsourced sales services

Getting your sales on track and keep them there is critical to your existence. Circumstances beyond your control can limit your ability to have the right people, processes, sales strategy, culture, analytics, and enablement technology. Sometimes your sales talent pool just lacks the reach and breadth to support speedy market entry, reduced cost of sales or increased market reach.

Scienopsis offers a technical sales outsourcing service for companies looking to meet these challenges. When required, we work with you as your outsourced partner to introduce, on your behalf, new products, services and technologies in any part of the world where your market reach is non-ideal. In this capacity, our role is to proactively generate, qualify and close deals for you on an interim basis as you plan to deploy own resources subsequently.

Our tools include Consultative Selling, Account Mapping, and Milestone-Based Project Management. Deliverables include weekly, monthly and quarterly reports (with metrics on leads, opportunity pipeline and sales), sales reviews, detailed lead tracking data & market feedback on product market performance.

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