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Marketing Strategy that Clarifies Your Goals and Identifies Latent Growth Opportunities

Market-leading life sciences companies know that having an up-to-date marketing strategy is what underpins successful B2B marketing efforts, growth and profitability. Winners in their niches have a deep understanding of the marketplace, profound knowledge of defensible competitive positions, and awareness of sources of superior customer value are an imperative.

At Scienopsis, the marketing strategy consulting practice is about helping clients clarify  goals and paths to sustained growth. We aim to categorically define Brand Identity, Market Positioning, Routes to Market, and Marketing Plans and how they can be deployed in target niches for the greatest impact.

Our aim is to work with clients to appraise their marketing strategies and establish that they are aligned with their business contexts. We used criteria such as consistency with corporate goals and the marketplace; availability of resources; time (i.e when the goals are to be achieved), and past evidence of success.

Appraising marketing strategy serves to ensure that your value proposition resonates with customers’ needs..

The following services can be provided either alone or in combination:

  • Marketing strategy audit
  • Competitive analysis and positioning
  • Market segmentation & targeting
  • New product (service) development
  • Portfolio analysis and diversification
  • Technology scouting & intelligence

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor of ingredients, excipients, chemicals and similar  technologies targeted at pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and animal health sectors, we can work with you to create a marketing function that’s in tune with the times, delivers delighted customers, and ultimately, sustained sales growth and profitability.

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