Life Sciences Technical Marketing: 10 Reasons Highly Profitable Life Sciences Companies Hire Marketing Agencies

//Life Sciences Technical Marketing: 10 Reasons Highly Profitable Life Sciences Companies Hire Marketing Agencies

Life Sciences Technical Marketing: 10 Reasons Highly Profitable Life Sciences Companies Hire Marketing Agencies

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Life Sciences Technical Marketing: 10 Reasons  Highly Profitable Life Sciences Companies Hire Technical Marketing Agencies

Technical marketing focusses on communicating specifications, features and benefits of technically complex products, mainly to scientific or technical audiences, with the aiming of activating profitable actions.

Technical marketing agencies primarily focus on executional aspects of B2B technical sales and marketing. Thus, they are outsourcing partners who assist clients with marketing strategy, consulting and marketing implementation.

Below are the typical reasons the most profitable life sciences companies engage technical marketing agencies to accelerate sales and marketing functions:

1. They do more at lower costs and risks

Engaging a life sciences technical marketing agency allows firms to access experienced teams quickly, reducing risks of inefficient processes, while removing the uncertainties and cost impact of hiring and retaining an internal sales and marketing staff. A company’s bottom line is particularly sensitive to operational inefficiencies arising from high staff attrition, politics and complexity, lack of commitment, not forgetting staff hiring costs, training, and retention of top talent, and the costs that internal staff add to overhead. It is these operational inefficiencies that agencies aim to eliminate.

2. They benefit from knowledge transfer

The vast majority of life sciences technical marketing agencies have worked with other clients within the industry, and in the process, learned what works best. So while it is possible for companies to build this competence organically, it takes long. Companies that hire life sciences technical marketing agencies are able to gain access to cutting-edge expertise immediately, which is of course transferable to the internal function.

3. They have reduced time to market

Many life technical marketing firms work at the helm of efficiency and productivity. By engaging them, clients can significantly reduce the time to market, allowing their internal teams to focus on other pressing needs. Meanwhile, outsourcing gives the reassurance that work will be completed on time and on budget.

4. They make the most of a proven platform

Marketing agencies are a proven platform – they are used by many companies in many industries. Engaging a  technical marketing solution provider helps build a sales and marketing foundation that can be further developed and used as a scalable platform for future sales and marketing growth.

5. They safeguard business continuity

Companies today face an unprecedented number of threats in their niches. It is not uncommon for rock star sales and marketing talent to be poached by the competition, leaving a business undermined. Sub-contracting all or some of your technical marketing operations can significantly reduce such risks.

6. They employ optimized systems

For companies using platforms like Communigator, HubSpot, Salesforce and Marketo it can be difficult to make the most of their full capabilities. By using a third party technical marketing provider, companies can access expert technical users who will ensure needs are properly assessed/understood and the the most ideal solution arrived at, ensuring the best results are achieved.

7. Using marketing agencies stimulates enterprise growth

Engaging a technical sales and marketing partner can facilitate rapid enterprise growth due to the fast and agile approach typified by outsourcing solution providers. They have experience in pooling resources and delivering successful sales and marketing plans against tight time and budget constraints. Most importantly, companies will achieve the growth benefits without seeing growth in headcount.

8. Marketing agencies offer staffing flexibility

Transferring a number of independent tasks allows a business to maintain financial flexibility, for instance, when there is uncertainty in demand. A company can then have the flexibility to scale up or down as conditions dictate, usually at a much lower cost. Outsourcing provides additional benefit of running a  business in full throttle even during off season and holiday months.

9.  They have superior levels of customer service

A technical marketing service provider, with skilled expertise and knowhow, will produce quality deliverables faster, increasing turn-around time to the customer. Outsourcing will also lead to delighted customers, allowing companies to benefit from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

10.  Using a marketing agency givens them a competitive edge

The ultimate benefit of using a technical marketing firm is that it helps a company gain a competitive edge in the market. Through strategic outsourcing to a competent partner, a company will not only be providing best-of breed services, it will also increase productivity. This helps companies surpass competitors who have not yet realized the benefits of this market access approach.