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Our diverse leadership ensures we bring perspective, energy and ideas to every solution – but also our commitment to question and challenge, unearth and illuminate

Leadership that Inspires

Our Leadership Team is diverse; it includes a former CMO, an Academic, a Physician and a retired Sportswoman. It is this diversity that gives us a fresh perspective to our clients issues. That said, we do share certain qualities: we are all high achievers, striving to be role models in our areas of expertise. Most importantly, we are independent thinkers; we enjoy working side by side with our clients as their coaches, and purveyors of solutions, not just as arm’s length consultants

Managing Director

Dr. Michael Taylor, PhD, has extensive operational and service delivery experience, having been involved in leading complex outsourcing projects to multiple partners worldwide. Prior to founding Scienopsis, he held senior positions in support, systems and design with different organizations in UK. He has managed teams that delivered under challenging environments, as well as transition projects that focused on achieving quality, enhancing business productivity and leveraging technology know-how.

Senior Team

Our Senior Team helps guide our strategy, practice and growth opportunities. In addition, we maintain relationships with various outside executives to bring the client perspective in-house. We are extremely privileged to have access to these eminent business leaders – who are former or current chairmen and CEOs of multinational corporations – and are grateful that they chose to work with us.


Scienopsis continually seeks ways to innovate and to develop services that add sustainable value to our clients’ businesses. We recognize that one of the best ways to do that is by working closely with partners. We have made it a point to develop relationships with the world’s leading technology and software companies, and with our clients themselves, to create and bring to lasting propositions.

We invite you to browse through the profiles of these great companies and experience for yourself specific solutions that are relevant to enterprise growth and value creation:

  • Microsoft®
  • Hubspot®
  • Google


Corporate giving has long been an integral component of Scienopsis’ ethos. We believe our values are at the core of all that we do in the marketplace, in the workplace and in the communities in which we do business. Therefore, our philanthropic philosophy radiates from that core and informs our decisions, whether we are making charitable contributions or sharing our employees’ time and talents.

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